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OUR NEXT MEETING will be on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018.

THE SUBJECT of our next meeting:
Cornel West: Prophetic Religion and the Future of Capitalist Civilization

Read a story about the club on page 35 in "Kingston This Week"

and in "The Whig Standard"

WHO and WHAT are we?
           We are a group of people who like to talk about the issues in philosophy that modern and postmodern philosophers find important and then discuss how these issues affect our lives and our societies.

WHERE do we meet? Our new meeting location is at:
Cafe Church
           We meet at 7:00 PM at Cafe Church, 333 PRINCESS ST., Suit 200, Kingston - enter off Queen St.

WHEN do we meet?
           We meet every second Wednesday at 7:00 pm. .

WHY do we meet? Why


           The meetings start with a short introduction to the week's topic and a consideration of some questions that I hope will expand your mind and make you go "hmm." You are free to ask questions, answer questions or just listen. The meetings are completely free and the only requirement is an interest in philosophy or ideas. Please take a look at our past and future topics. There you will see a list of our past topics with a link to the introduction and initial questions for that meeting.

ANY questions or commments, contact me at

Four Fundamental Questions to ask for a Personally Practical Philosophy

The Seoul Philosophy Club continues under a new moderator. His web site is at: