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First Four Month Schedule for 2014 - 2015

Wed. November 26, 2014:
        Slavoj Zizek part I: The Undergrowth of Enjoyment, The Obscene Object of Postmodernity, The Spectre of Ideology

Wed. January 28, 2015:
        Slavoj Zizek part II: Fantasy as a Political Category

Wed. February 25, 2015:
        Slavoj Zizek part III: Fantasy in Cyberspace and 'Woman doesn't Exist'

Wed. March 25, 2015:
        Slavoj Zizek part IV: There Is No Sexual Relationship

Wed. April 29, 2015:
        Slavoj Zizek part V: Formal Democracy and Its Discontents

If you are looking for The Seoul Philosophy Club, it continues under a new moderator. His web site is at: